30 Days: The Awakening

1 07 2009

Clock Face

by xeroxeroxero

If ever there was a hulking beast in videogames, a genre of title that is, for all intents and purposes, impenetrable to the average person, surely it must be the MMO. Just for a second, take the time to say that abbreviation out loud and in it’s entirety. “Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game”. Its a phrase that, in itself, demands a knowledge of videogames beyond most of the casual audience’s grasp, after all, to Joe Public what is a role playing game? Why is something defined as “Massively” multiplayer, as opposed to just, “Multiplayer”? Being a console gamer all of my life and rarely having had a PC that can run the latest version of Microsoft Office let alone anything else, the chance to dip into an MMO has never been viable for me. Until now. It’s with great trepidation then that this month I’ll be playing one for the very first time, and seeing what all of the fuss is about…

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