How to survive the zombie apocalypse according to video games: Part 2

24 12 2009

by xeroxeroxero

Having followed part one of this crucial two part guide, you will, by now, have ascertained the correct zombie type you are dealing with and gathered the select group of individuals to accompany you on your journey through the undead. Now all you need is a plan… Read the rest of this entry »


Mario Bros: The Ultimate Survival Horror Series

26 08 2009

Mario Ghost Survivalby xeroxeroxero

Someone once asked me to tell them what kind of game Metal Gear Solid was. Being a self-confessed Kojima zealot I replied ‘Well, it’s a post modernist epic in the guise of a stealth action adventure, exploring the limitations of the genre in which it’s presented and the stereotypes presented therein… Obviously’. ‘So…’ she asked, with a sigh, ‘it’s a shooter’. ‘No no no’ I cried, ‘it’s far more than that, besides, it’s more action adventure than shooter’. ‘Do you shoot people?’ She asked. ‘Well, yes but…’ ‘Then it’s a shooter’ she concluded. This got me thinking; how do we define our games and is it possible that we mis-represent our most loved titles? With that in mind, I’m going to put forward that the Mario Bros. games are some of the greatest survival horror titles ever produced. Read the rest of this entry »