F1 2009 Review

24 11 2009

by xeroxeroxero

The first F1 racer in recent years with any buzz around it is also the first F1 game by Codemasters and virtual motor sport darlings Sumo Digital. It’s also the first in quite some time to not be a Playstation exclusive, being available for the Nintendo Wii, as well as the version we played on PSP. Does it have what it takes to win the chequered flag, or is it just a Coulthard? Read the rest of this entry »


OutRun Online Arcade Review

8 10 2009

OutRun Online Arcadeby xeroxeroxero

Sega’s arcade racer extraordinaire has seen some pretty poor outings in the past, but is this release a winner, or headed for the scrap heap? Read the rest of this entry »