Street Fighter 4 – To stick or not to stick!

1 05 2009

by Wayne Shayler

all-sticksWith Street Fighter 4 becoming a huge success on every format it’s released on, and with the latest ‘Championship’ DLC just becoming available, it’s no wonder that I have managed to sink 45 hours of my life into it since its launch.  This is an unprecedented amount of time for me to sink into a game, unless of course it is Advanced Wars!

I shall not go into detail about the flaws of the Xbox ‘D-Pad’, suffice to say I’d rather play Street Fighter with an ‘Arcade’ style joystick.  The buttons are laid out in front of you and the stick is easier to perfect special moves on.  Anyway, it’s how they play it in the arcades, so that’s how I want to play it at home.

Do you think I can get my hands on an Xbox 360 Arcade Stick at the moment?

Not a chance.  Not only is there a shortage of Arcade Sticks, but there is also a shortage of components to make them with!!!

There was only one thing to do…



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