An Early Look At Afrika

12 08 2009

Afrikaby xeroxeroxero

A hardcore safari / photography simulation released (so far) only in Asia on the least popular current generaton home gaming console, there are definite reasons why it’s taken so long for Afrika, or Hakuna Matata as it is known in some territories, to be given a chance in the western market. But soon, it will be, via niche genre publisher Natsume. Will it be worth hunting down, or should you leave it to die out naturally? Read the rest of this entry »


30 Days: End Game

30 07 2009

Deep In Thoughtby xeroxeroxero

30 Days have passed since I first started playing Free Realms, and it’s been an enlightening experience. I’ve met and interacted with humans, fairies, dwarves, giants, crab people, goblins, some with a living breathing person on the other end of the connection, others simply pre-programmed automatons. It is the community that makes or breaks a game with any social aspect, so in the last part of this month long series of articles, what have I learnt from the people that go to make this world what it is?

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