Uncharted 2: The Best Surprise Of 2009

14 01 2010

by xeroxeroxero

As anyone who has been following me on Twitter can attest, I’ve been very much a fan of Uncharted 2. After playing the original, watching teaser trailers, pouring over leaked images and otherwise hyping myself up for the second, the one thing I was sure of was a fantastic single player experience. What I wasn’t sure of going in however, was its multiplayer. How wrong I was. Read the rest of this entry »


Confessions Of An Emulator…

2 12 2009
Piracy, emulation, file sharing. Three phrases that strike fear into the hearts of video game companies across the world. Blamed by some for the high price of games in today’s market, accused by many as the downfall of industry leaders such as SNK and yet celebrated by tens of thousands of gamers the world over, the topics surrounding gaining commercially released titles for free, are as many as their advocates and critics are passionate. It seems everyone that this microcosm of the internet affects has an opinion, yet we never hear from the people who are behind the (often very shady) scenes. MLG figured that this needed to change…

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OutRun Online Arcade Review

8 10 2009

OutRun Online Arcadeby xeroxeroxero

Sega’s arcade racer extraordinaire has seen some pretty poor outings in the past, but is this release a winner, or headed for the scrap heap? Read the rest of this entry »

30 Days: Caught In The Net Of Free Realms

16 07 2009

Free Realms - Hookby xeroxeroxero

After last weeks fiasco at attempting to socialise with other virtual human beings in the pastel coloured world of Free Realms, I decided this week to focus on trying out some of the job systems that the game has to offer, from fighting to farming, mining to motor car racing, in an effort to better understand the economy of this strange new world and, moreover, the mechanics of play that go to keep people hooked to the experience. Read the rest of this entry »