1 vs 100: We have a winner!

27 11 2009

by Daren Baldock

The evening of Tuesday 24th November 2009 started as a night like any other night as far as 1 vs 100 live shows go. Get in from work and grab a quick bite to eat. Snatch a few cold beers from the fridge and settle down for another 2 hours of interactive quiz show goodness. After the previous Friday’s issues with my countless disconnections I was quietly hoping for a better night.

Little did I know that the satisfaction I craved from the game would come from an unlikely source…

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The Generation Game

6 08 2009

The Generation Gameby xeroxeroxero

Next year will be 2010, an important year for two reasons. Firstly, we can officially say to any time travelers that might visit, ‘ welcome to the future’ and not feel pretentious, but most importantly is that there are rumoured to be several hardware based announcements from most, if not all, of the console manufacturers. At this stage of course not a single one of the companies will comment on exactly what that will entail, or even confirm that this is the case, but it’s widely believed that there will be an evolution of the hardware currently on offer, possibly as part of a ‘rebranding’ exercise, or potentially a whole new system. Lending weight to the speculation is Microsoft’s Shane Kim recently commenting that the launch of Natal, currently scheduled for next year ‘will be like the launch of Xbox 360’. But however Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft respond in the coming months, it raises a pertinent question; can we actually afford another generation of hardware?

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Turning Japanese, I Think I’m Turning Japanese (or why I can’t play Call of Duty)

16 12 2008

by Wayne Shayler


I like to think that I have a varied games collection, but as my hair gets greyer, my gaming tastes seem to be changing.

When the technical leap was made, from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions, there was no longer any need to be able to see the character that I was playing.  We had arrived at the stage known as ‘First Person’ gaming where you saw through your character’s eyes. 

I had become the hero and I loved it.

It gave me a sense of immersion that I’d never had before.  Doom, Quake, Half-Life and of course, Goldeneye.  All classic ‘First Person Shooters’ that redefined what video games could be and are all quite rightly, highly revered forms of the genre.

The Japanese have always had a problem with shooters, especially the first person style, which is why Halo hasn’t taken off as a franchise in the Far East. They’ve always preferred third person games where you can see, and identify with your character.  I’ve never quite understood that philosophy, until now.

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The Way of Nintendo

13 12 2008

by Wayne Shayler


These days, it is widely accepted that Nintendo has a licence to print money, but that hasn’t always been the case.  Even they couldn’t have been this optimistic with their sales forecasts for the Wii and DS.  After the Gamecube ‘failure’ of the last generation, which was a machine that I loved, I would want to wish them every success in this generation’s campaign.

Except they don’t need my good wishes.  They don’t need me to add to my massive collection of Gameboys, in every iteration.

In sales figures alone they have chewed up the opposition, spat them out and left them to survive on scraps by the wayside, and we may be approaching the third Christmas in a row with Wii shortages.  That amount of dominance is unheard of.  If anyone does deserves it though, it is my beloved Nintendo.  We have been through so much together.

So why do  I feel so down about it? 

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Xbox Live Charts for first week in December

9 12 2008

by Daren Baldock

xbox_360_liveIt’s about time we got to see some data from Microsoft concerning Xbox Live activity. Looks like Major Nelson will be posting these stats on his blog on a regular basis now. It’s also helpful to see what community games are being purchased. While it’s great that these independantly produced ‘homebrew’ getting added at a reasonably steady pace, the eventual depth of choice will leave real gems hidden without some sort of public barometer. Thankfully we now have a better way of sorting the wheat from the chaff!

Full charty goodness after the break…

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Lips coming to Xbox 360 next month, tracklist revealed

22 10 2008

by Daren Baldock

Microsoft’s Q4 onslaught of the ‘casual’ gamer space continues with the release of the karaoke music title ‘Lips’, which hits retail shelves on 21st November 2008. While this is not necessarily ‘news’ as such (we’ve know this has been coming for a while now), extensive details have been released including the full tracklist. So what’s so special about this relatively ‘late to the party’ karaoke title that sets it apart from it’s well established Sony rival ‘Singstar’? Find out the lowdown and the full tracklist after the jump.

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The 10 People You Meet on Xbox Live

10 10 2008
Yeah right!

Yeah right!

not by Daren Baldock

Seriously, Xbox Live is full of idiots. No matter what their screen name is, chances are you’ve heard their special brand of idiocy already. Here now are ten types of people you are guaranteed to meet on Xbox Live. I’ve met some but not all. Number 10 seems vaguely familiar to me…

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