Simply Having A Wonderful (Video Gaming) Christmas Time!

5 12 2008


by Wayne Shayler





So this is Christmas…and how many of us still look forward to it, with the same anticipation that we had when we were eight or nine?

How many just look forward to a few days away from work or school, before the celebrations of the New Year are upon us?

Then, without hardly enough time to catch our breath from all the retail craziness, we’re thrown headlong, back into the swirling mire of the New Year antics. No-one has time to consider true meaning of Christmas anymore – well, not the true meaning of a Midlife Gamers Christmas anyway!

There are a handful of dates in everyone’s life, that are burned into the memory of us all. Our first day at school, our first kiss or the day we pass our driving test all spring to mind, but some of my great memories always come round about Christmas time….

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