Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut Review

27 01 2010

by xeroxeroxero

Comic books, sequential art, graphic novels, whatever you want to call them, the video games industry seems absolutely hell bent on capitalising on this century old art form of superheroes and spandex. We’ve had various attempts at putting comic books onto consoles and with the exception of Batman: Arkham Asylum (which frankly owes more to the films than the graphic novel of the same name) it just hasn’t been all that successful. We’ve had the fairly weak ‘motion comics’ for the likes of Dead Space and Uncharted 2, ‘digital comics’ arriving on the PSP that add absolutely nothing to the experience of reading and even Capcom trying, to little avail, to translate the (appropriately) paper thin Street Fighter universe to paperback form. No one, it seems, can get it right. Until now. Read the rest of this entry »


Beneath A Steel Sky iPhone rumour

10 05 2009

14w86f6 by Xeroxeroxero

The point and click adventure’s life was bright, but relatively short. Popularised in the early nineties by LucasArts, mortally wounded by frustrating trial and error gameplay and a lack of innovation and being kept barely alive by the good people at ScummVM and a dedicated community of enthusiasts. But for how much longer? The genre may be in for something of a comeback, with the recent remake of Broken Sword being received with critical acclaim and the resurgence of interest inspired by the new wave of touchscreen devices.

Most interestingly perhaps, according to a professional extremely close to the project that I spoke with this weekend, Beneath A Steel Sky the legendary future-noir point and click, is having a sequel developed, and is currently very much in production. It’s unknown whether the title will be a direct continuation of the story of the original BASS, but the source claimed that the lead platform will be iPhone, with other possible releases to follow depending on it’s success on Apple’s mobile platform. Also confirmed was that back in the drawing seat will be Dave Gibbons, the man responsible for the original art, and genre defining graphic novel, Watchmen. There is, unfortunately no word as to when it will see release. This comes just a few months after Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbon’s interview with IGN UK, in which they stated that they would like to work together on a new BASS title. It seems then, that after years of interest, fans will finally get to go back to the world of Robert Foster…

New iPhone OS allows developers to be more creative, let the games begin.

19 03 2009

iphone-3-new-1by Matthew Moore

As expected, the Apple iPhone is really looking to be a contender in 2009 onwards as a handheld gaming device, surely surpassing the Sony PSP and biting on the heels of the Nintendo DS as far as the install base goes.  With a number of capable games already released on the iPhone platform such as Steve Demeter’s “Trism” which was single handedly crafted in only 10 days from design to launch, its plain to see that anyone with a great idea and determination can make a great game for the iPhone.  Not to mention the majority of the iPhone functionality can be found on the iPod Touch, so there you have a few extra million customers with the correct hardware. Read the rest of this entry »