Seriously? Part 2

17 09 2009

Serious Sam Seriouslyby xeroxeroxero

Last week, I argued that video games are not a medium that is taken ‘seriously’ by wider society and the press at large. I also said that it is the word ‘game’ that is the single biggest thorn in the side of those people that want to make an argument towards video games being a serious medium. If it’s simply a case of language being a barrier to an art form being accepted as something more than a childish diversion, what words should we be using to describe electronic entertainment? Read the rest of this entry »


Seriously? Part 1

10 09 2009

Seriously 1

by xeroxeroxero

Video games have, for quite some time now, had great power. Metal Gear Solid forced us to consider the boundaries of media, Manhunt examined our society’s murky depths, Silent Hill 2 made us question our sexual drives, games then can be powerful tools in provoking emotion and delivering story. Why then are critics, developers and enthusiasts still arguing over whether games are seen as ‘art’, why do the greater media not focus more attention on the industry at large and what do we have to do to be taken seriously?

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