Oh Miyamoto, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

18 06 2009
Nintendo's Wii, currently the best selling console of this generation.

Nintendo's Wii, currently the best selling console of this generation.

by xeroxeroxero

Nintendo takes a lot of flack these days for their Wii wand waggling efforts, criticised by the gaming enthusiast for not having enough ‘real’ games, panned by critics for recycling old IP and ideas, and finally, even the Ninty die-hards are beginning to turn their back. Now I’m not going to try and tell you about how wrong everyone is, or how Nintendo is actually the saviour of gaming by cornering the casual market, but instead I want to put forward that in actual fact, Nintendo’s outlook on the industry has never changed, and perhaps we should look at how we now perceive games as the key factor in our disenchantment with the house that Mario built.

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The Way of Nintendo

13 12 2008

by Wayne Shayler


These days, it is widely accepted that Nintendo has a licence to print money, but that hasn’t always been the case.  Even they couldn’t have been this optimistic with their sales forecasts for the Wii and DS.  After the Gamecube ‘failure’ of the last generation, which was a machine that I loved, I would want to wish them every success in this generation’s campaign.

Except they don’t need my good wishes.  They don’t need me to add to my massive collection of Gameboys, in every iteration.

In sales figures alone they have chewed up the opposition, spat them out and left them to survive on scraps by the wayside, and we may be approaching the third Christmas in a row with Wii shortages.  That amount of dominance is unheard of.  If anyone does deserves it though, it is my beloved Nintendo.  We have been through so much together.

So why do  I feel so down about it? 

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