Sanctuary4Gamers vs MidLife Gamer Final Round!

28 03 2009

churchsign1by Matthew Moore

It has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally completed the challange that Steve from Sanctuary4Gamers set up all those many weeks ago.

To recap, we started with Rock Band which MLG won.

Secondly it was Forza 2, in which Chris aced me and brought us to a tiebreak situation. So it was all down to a community effort with Left 4 Dead.

The MLG team consisted of myself, BiscuitWolverine, Lappy and Phizzy.  Pitted against S4G’s team of MonkeyChunkUK, LilLady915, Los KnuckKnucks and zl Simzo lz (With Snajper taking over from Los KnuckKnucks in the second game)
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