Goodbye 1UP Show – You Will Be Missed

7 01 2009

by Wayne Shayler

upAfter the announcement of Ziff Davis selling the 1UP network to competitors Hearst, I find myself languishing in a state of shock over the news that one of my favourite video podcasts will be no more, or at least not as I have known it over the years.

They have put an end to the print magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, which began its life in 1989, and let approximately 30 of their staff go.  With the decrease in sales over time, and the rising popularity of the internet, magazines have found it hard to maintain readerships, but at least the website will continue.

I have loved an awful lot of the work that the guys at 1UP have generated over the past three or four years, all of the wonderful podcasts and especially the video podcast going by the name of ‘The 1UP Show’.

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