Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut Review

27 01 2010

by xeroxeroxero

Comic books, sequential art, graphic novels, whatever you want to call them, the video games industry seems absolutely hell bent on capitalising on this century old art form of superheroes and spandex. We’ve had various attempts at putting comic books onto consoles and with the exception of Batman: Arkham Asylum (which frankly owes more to the films than the graphic novel of the same name) it just hasn’t been all that successful. We’ve had the fairly weak ‘motion comics’ for the likes of Dead Space and Uncharted 2, ‘digital comics’ arriving on the PSP that add absolutely nothing to the experience of reading and even Capcom trying, to little avail, to translate the (appropriately) paper thin Street Fighter universe to paperback form. No one, it seems, can get it right. Until now. Read the rest of this entry »


PC Gaming Is Dead, Long Live PC Gaming! Part 2

21 01 2010

by xeroxeroxero

A couple of weeks ago I argued that traditional PC gaming was dead. Through a combination of rampant piracy, a dwindling market and a technologically divided player base, the age of the office chair gamer with a wealth of big budget, Triple A titles at their disposal is well and truly gone. This week, I’d like to make the point that PC Gaming is far from dead either financially or artistically and that perhaps the keyboard and mouse is the real future of video games. Read the rest of this entry »

Uncharted 2: The Best Surprise Of 2009

14 01 2010

by xeroxeroxero

As anyone who has been following me on Twitter can attest, I’ve been very much a fan of Uncharted 2. After playing the original, watching teaser trailers, pouring over leaked images and otherwise hyping myself up for the second, the one thing I was sure of was a fantastic single player experience. What I wasn’t sure of going in however, was its multiplayer. How wrong I was. Read the rest of this entry »

Podcast Episode 75 – Me so horny

11 01 2010

by Daren Baldock

Gears of War 2, Dark Void, Bayonetta, MAG and Mass Effect.

News discussion – CES release dates, the next Call of Duty, Wii in prison, Left 4 Dead 2 free for Xbox Live Silver members, Alan Wake episodes, PSN coming to more Sony hardware, Project Natal and Xbox Game Room details.

The retail round-up – DLC, sexy quiz and Tweeting action

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PC Gaming Is Dead, Long Live PC Gaming! Part 1

6 01 2010

by xeroxeroxero

It’s a long held belief that the hardest of the hardcore gamer, rocks a PC. Near infinite expandability, game modding to the point that entirely new games can be fashioned out of others (e.g. Portal) and an always on community linked directly to the greatest online gaming experience available; the untethered internet. But PC gaming has seen a serious decline in press coverage recently from the major blogs and gaming sites out there and for one very good reason; the ‘PC gamer’ is very much a dying breed. Read the rest of this entry »

How to survive the zombie apocalypse according to video games: Part 2

24 12 2009

by xeroxeroxero

Having followed part one of this crucial two part guide, you will, by now, have ascertained the correct zombie type you are dealing with and gathered the select group of individuals to accompany you on your journey through the undead. Now all you need is a plan… Read the rest of this entry »

Gaming and Government: The Politics Of Play

16 12 2009

by xeroxeroxero

In the UK next summer a major event in British video games will occur. Bigger than a new Modern Warfare, more significant than the next Metal Gear, of greater importance to the industry than the next console from Nintendo; the place we at MLG call home will be having a general election. As Germany and Australia have found out, it is politicians that have the most impact when it comes to the games industry – they guide the regulatory bodies that say what we can and can’t play, they dictate tax breaks and additional funding for game studios, they are essentially the single most influential group when it comes to the future of gaming. Next year we vote on which party we want to be making these crucial decisions, so we got in touch with three of the most significant players in Britain’s political climate, one from each major political party, to tell us about their attitudes towards gaming and their vision of the industry as we move towards a new decade. Read the rest of this entry »