Matthew Moore

Well I actually do like talking about myself…. but not just yet


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10 10 2008
Crazy Cat

Hi Matt & Darren

Love the new spanky website.

Virgin to your games, but am very amused by the weekly podcast & sadly find myself looking forward to listening to them, even though would not know what an xbox looks like. lol 🙂

You remind me of Pete & Geoff who did the breakfast show on Virgin radio so amusing especially your out takes section :).

Well guys r u up for a challenge if you are let me know & I will throw down the gauntlet!!!!!


Crazy Cat

10 10 2008
Daren Baldock

Hey Crazy Cat

Thanks for the props, much appreciated.

Your mention of a challenge sounds interesting. Why not hop over to the community section and join in the fun. From there you can drop me (Uncle Fista) or Matt (Mantismat) a PM with the details.

Peace bra!


15 09 2009
Yoga Joe

Hey Matt and Darren,

I am a huge fan of the show! I don’t look into podcasts I listen to but you guys are so f-ing funny I had to drop you a line. I just signed up on your forum.

Let me ask you, I am from the states and was just turned on to the show “Peep Show” and I am dying to find something similar, have you got anything????

Gotta go, she’s holding my 3 wood.
Love the show!!!
Yoga Joe

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