Matt & I worked together for a time in 2005. We quicky discovered we shared a real passion for gaming. We’d spend hours trading past gaming experiences and entertaining each other with our gaming related stories. Events transpired and I ended up buying a house in the same town and at some point Matt left the company although we maintained contact long after Matt pursued his career elsewhere.

We kept in touch and got together once every so often and the conversation always returned to gaming. In spring 2008 we started to talk about how we could take our common interest and do something interesting with it. The discussion turned to podcasting. We both listened to a wide range of gaming podcasts and would often discuss what we had heard. We agreed that while there was nothing really wrong with what we were listening to, we had an opportunity to do something a little different ourselves. For this reason we started to plan and scope out the ways and means of recording our own podcast, just for kicks.

Our first recording centered around E3 2008. We really enjoyed recording that day despite not having a clue how it was going to turn out. We were really happy with the output at the time and immediately posted it to iTunes just to get it up there. We’ve since lost the original recording, and on reflection, that’s not a bad thing because in reality it wasn’t perfect by any stretch!

Nevertheless we got a taste for it and we vowed to continue.

On 28th July 2008 we posted the first regular episode ‘Lemon Party’. We’ve recorded a show every week since.

We continue to record and continue to learn. We’re not perfect, we don’t pretend to be. Some of our best material is born out of our mistakes. What we do is what feels right. If it doesn’t feel right we’ll change. What we don’t do is tantalise & tease listeners with NDAs and ‘I cant talk about that just yet’ sort of BS. In fact if we ever do that, you have my express permission to hunt us down and slap us with the biggest double ended dildo that money can buy!



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