How to survive the zombie apocalypse according to video games: Part 2

24 12 2009

by xeroxeroxero

Having followed part one of this crucial two part guide, you will, by now, have ascertained the correct zombie type you are dealing with and gathered the select group of individuals to accompany you on your journey through the undead. Now all you need is a plan…
This is where things might get tricky. Video games have taught us a lot of things about zombies themselves, in whichever form they might take, but how to handle a situation involving them is a little less clear.  There are however three main schools of thought on the matter;

1. The Barry Burton Method – Seemlingly out of vogue with the modern survivor, ‘pulling a Burton’ (as it’s often referred to by professionals) involves the very opposite of what your natural reaction might be. Given the option of just walking away, the methodology here asks for you to ignore this fact and instead go further and further into the mansion, lab, castle etc for no particularly good reason. Unlike the ‘Clean Up’ detailed below, you aren’t particularly powerful when going up against foes, you’ll spend most of your time avoiding them in fact, making the plan, frankly, unwise.

Pros: You’ll find out a lot more about the disaster than you would have otherwise. The puzzles you’ll inevitably face can be a little taxing, so at least your mind will be in top form when it’s eaten.

Cons: Unless you’re incredibly ignorant, you’ll realise that this method is insane, illogical and antithetical to the notion of ‘escaping’. Can be a disappointment when the main bad guy escapes from justice. Again.

2. The Willamette, Colorado Clean-Up – Whilst this is certainly one of the most fun ways of dealing with the undead, it’s also one of the riskiest. The theory goes that when you’ve got a lot of Dead Rising all around you, the best form of defence is a very, very strong offence. Utilising everyday implements readily available at your disposal, including chainsaws, molotov cocktails and lawn mowers, The WCCU method requires headlong entry into battle against the undead horde.

Pros: Really good at relieving built up aggression. Effective way of surviving AND sorting out the problem itself.

Cons: Easy to become swamped by sheer numbers. Time is often severely limited from exhaustion, over exposure, or an aggressive save system.

3. The Left 2 Die Escape Plan – We all like to think that when the undead apocalypse comes along that the government will step in and help out. We like to think that, but the cold hard reality is that they probably won’t. Hell, they’ll probably have caused it themselves! The L2DEP teahces us that, when you’re all alone, you need to team up and escape to safety. Handily when actioning this kind of scheme, there always seems to be a bountiful cache of weaponry around every few corners to fend off the zombie cads!

Pros: Excellent way of transporting four people at a time away from troubled areas. Also covers infected enemies that may have mutated into larger, more powerful creatures.

Cons: Seemingly wherever you escape to will be just as infested as the last area you were in. A team of co-ordinated people is also required, billy-no-mates and survivors more brain dead than the hordes they are trying to escape, need not apply.

There we have it then, everything you need to survive a zombie apocalypse. Got any more tricks and tips up you think fellow survivors should know? Let us know in the comment box below…




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24 12 2009
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