1 vs 100: We have a winner!

27 11 2009

by Daren Baldock

The evening of Tuesday 24th November 2009 started as a night like any other night as far as 1 vs 100 live shows go. Get in from work and grab a quick bite to eat. Snatch a few cold beers from the fridge and settle down for another 2 hours of interactive quiz show goodness. After the previous Friday’s issues with my countless disconnections I was quietly hoping for a better night.

Little did I know that the satisfaction I craved from the game would come from an unlikely source…

Enter Andy iz Magiik, another Xbox Live member who was plucked from an audience of over 30,000 to take center stage as ‘The One’. What transpired over the next fifteen minutes or so was what I can only describe as an exhilarating slice of interactive entertainment. As Andy’s correct answers came steadily, the ‘Mob’ was surely whittled away. It was at the point when there we’re just four ‘Mob’ members left when we (myself and my party member and MLG stalwart MonkeysDad) started to really root for Andy.

We didn’t know Andy. In fact we never cared for any player who has always beaten us to the spot on center stage, but in the moments that followed as it came down to 1 vs 1 we, like many others I’m certain, became his greatest fans. “Has he used all his helps?” “Will he take the money?” ” Come on Andy.” “Go on Andy!” ” GO ANDY!”.

The exhilaration we felt as the final ‘Mob’ member fell to an incorrect answer was the type normally reserved for last minute winning goals from your favourite team in Cup Finals. An impromptu reaction I think I will remember for some time to come.

For those who missed it, the final minutes have been captured by the YouTubes for all to enjoy…

So I was lucky enough to catch up with Andy iz Magiik, an everyday gamer from Scotland and our first ever 1 vs 100 Live UK winner and was able to ask him a few questions about the whole experience.

Daren: Congratulations on your win Andy. As a spectator it was a truly riveting experience. Describe how the round played out for you to the point when you were selected as the ‘One’.

Andy: Thanks. The round before i was selected to be the one I was in a party with my sister and dad (Mrs MANIAC x and KnocKnoc) when i did really well, coming in second place, I was very happy about this. Then when that round ended a screen came up saying “You are the one!” I was ecstatic. I then shouted in to get my sister and dad. I was shaking and nervous through the whole of the game, particularly towards the end.

Daren: How long have you been playing 1 vs 100 for?

Andy: I used to play the first season at the start, but i pretty much gave up on that because I started very late and was never getting picked for the mob. My dad on the other hand was in it 3 or 4 times, and won quite a few prizes in season one, nothing big though. I only played a single round before getting picked to be the one, talk about irony, eh?

Daren: How regularly do you play 1 vs 100?

Andy: Not very much. I’ll probably start playing a lot now though.

Daren: Was there any strategy in mind when it came to using your ‘help’ options?

Andy:  Nothing really well thought out. I really didn’t need them towards the start. I think it’s better to use them towards the end, or when you have absoluetly no clue. Never use the 3 helps at the start then quit option, in my opinion.

Daren: Who was there cheering you along and supporting you as you played?

Andy: My dad and sister. I phoned my mum and little brother afterwards.

Daren: Once the mob was reduced to just one the questions seemed to get pretty difficult. Were there any that you had to take an educated guess on?

Andy: For the nucleotides question, I was pretty sure it was 4, but wasn’t full on so I used the help. And for the very last question about ungulates, I thought it might be a cow. I knew it had something to do with hooves, so i figured it must be a horse. I was quite surprised that Jonster didn’tt get that question correct though, considering the two before were harder, or at least I thought. The herb question was probably the hardest of the lot though.

Daren:  Were you tempted at any point to take the Microsoft Points you’d won so far during the round at any point?

Andy: Definintely. Especially at the very last time the host asked. I must’ve been a split second away from choosing it.

Daren: Describe the scene in your house as you eliminated the last mob member and claimed the top prize.

Andy:  Everybody just exploded with excitement. Its was like a time bomb just going off.

Daren: What’s the reaction been like from the Xbox live community?

Andy: Almost everybody was brilliant about it, flooding me with 150 messages, took me an hour to delete them all. It was great though, everyone being so supportive. There was a hate mail from one member. Dont know why he sent it though.

Daren:  Some players who got to be the ‘One’ in the Season 1 Beta complained about being spammed with messages during their round. Did that happen to you at all?

Andy: For the last question, No. Right the through it i never got a single message, or i was so nervouse i didn’t notice. In videos on youtube everybody seemed to be rooting for me, not wanting me to fail.

Daren: Have Microsoft go anything else special lined up for you as the first top prize winner in the UK?

Andy:  I dont know yet, still waiting on the Email from them. I sure do hope so though :D.

(Update: Since the interview Microsoft have published a list of prizes awarded to winners. Looks like Andy won a £200 digital camera too!)

Daren: So what do you plan to spend your 10,000 Microsoft points on?

Andy: Not a clue. I going to give 1,000 to My brother and sister though, my brother being Wee JiNJy.

Daren:  When you’re not tearing up 1 vs 100, what other games do you enjoy playing?

Andy: Haha, loving that tearing up part. I quite like to play CoD 4, Modern Warfare 2 or Halo 3 with my dad. Whip him though :).

Daren:  One final question, which is long standing tradition in our community. What is your favourite biscuit and beverage?

Andy: Viscount, the chocolate and mint in the green wrapper, and Lucozade Energy orange, which im drinking right now.

Daren: Once again Andy, many thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions. I think I speak for my whole community and countless other gamers when I say congratulations on your fantastic achievement, and wish you nothing but the very best for the future.

Andy: I would like to thank everybody for being so supportive. have a forum thread on xbox.com just now, here is the link.

1 vs 100 is currently in it’s second season run and is available to play for free on Xbox Live to all Gold members.




4 responses

28 11 2009

Great article…a well deserved win by the looks of it. Well done Andy!

Spend those points wisely.

28 11 2009

Yes I was one of the 30,000 and it really was that exciting. Congrats again to Andy. Really well played.

29 11 2009

This is why I wish I had a 360!

27 12 2009
Pie Overlord 12

Sadly i dont get 1 vs 100 in australia but looking foward to when it gets here.
Add me for some halo 3 or civilisation revolution action.

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