How to survive the zombie apocalypse according to video games: Part 1

5 11 2009

Resident Evil Zombie Handsby xeroxeroxero

One day the earth (or large portions of it) will be overrun by the undead. This is unfortunately just a matter of fact, proven by science. Whether it be 10 years or 10 minutes from now, it’s guaranteed that hordes of the previously deceased will rise again to consume the living. Obviously this isn’t good for anyone involved, anyone alive anyway, so when the time comes everyone needs to be prepared. What have games taught us about this inevitable situation, and what valuable (but bloody) pearls of wisdom should you bear in mind when the invasion inevitably comes?

Left 4 Dead

Do you want to end up in a situation like this? Of course not, so read on!

As one of the big three villains of gaming (ranking alongside Nazis and nameless thugs), gamers are no stranger to the walking dead, but the priority for any gamer that wants to avoid ending up as dinner to the demented, is to determine exactly what kind of zombie they are dealing with. As everyone knows, there are three main types of zombie…

1. Resident Evil 1 rules zombies:- Your stereotypical, shuffling, moaning, fairly powerless, brain-dead baddie. They have no ability to co-ordinate, but in numbers can quickly overwhelm a survivor, especially if that survivor turns slower than a tank.

People To Have Around: Members of the Redfield family are always useful, as are, ironically, those with little to no combat experience.

People Particularly At Risk: Highly trained operatives should steer well clear from situations involving slow, easy to kill bad guys. Also you might want to steer clear of anyone with anything to gain from unleashing a biological weapon upon the world. Just saying.

Ashley - Resident Evil 4


2. Resident Evil 4 rules zombies:- Ultimately human, with all of the flaws and advantages that comes with, save for an ability to be controlled by a higher power, and shrug off damage. These zombies can also use weapons, which tips the odds a little more in their favour.

People To Have Around: Foppish looking young men who think girls that look like AiAi from Super Monkey Ball are attractive are definitely team players, and manly men with arms bigger than their own heads are quite handy. As Resi 4 type zombies are also present in forgotten survival horror Cold Fear, members of the coastguard should make up the bulk of your party.

People Particularly At Risk: Ethnic minorities.

3. Left 4 Dead rules zombies:- Fast but weak, hungry for flesh but reliant on bigger, more capable creatures to take down their next snack. These zombies are a little more agile than their Capcom related brethren, but seem to be less of a challenge to overcome due to their fragility.

People To Have Around: Stereotypes should be your first port of call when taking on this type of zombie. Grizzled ex-vets, the kind of black guy that might say ‘Daaaaymn!’ and any cop that says ‘I’m too old for this shit’ are all invaluable assets to a squad.

People Particularly At Risk: Everyone who isn’t the above.

Resident Evil 4 Villagers

Leon hadn't reviewed the MLG podcast on iTunes. The community were less than happy.

So now you know the zombie type, all you have to do is fight the gads! But what are the best strategies? Where should you hunker down and make fortifications? What should your main objectives be? Check back with Midlife Gamer soon for the guide that might will save your life one day.




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5 11 2009

Not games related but zombie-related; someone like Charlie Brooker, who quite possibly could take the undead down with ascerbic wit. Seriously, as I’m physically unfit and don’t own any guns, he’s now my only hope.

Yes, I watched Dead Set the other day.

24 12 2009
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