MidLife Gamer meet: Charles Cecil from Revolution Software

13 10 2009

Charles CecilWe were lucky enough to catch up with Charles Cecil, MD and founder of Revolution Software just days after the re-release of Beneath A Steel Sky on iPhone and iPod Touch. He tells MidLife Gamer that a new IP point and click adventure is still feasible in a modern market, and that he is aiming more for the ‘casual market’. He argues that whilst core gamers will play casual games, casual gamers won’t play core games, and that many casual gamers are yesterday’s core gamers, very familiar with adventures of old. He admits though that the commercial model is different, ‘we have to bring the price down’. Story continues after the break…

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Talking a little about the possibility of other classic Revolution games being re-published on the iPhone, he was very enthusiastic, ‘very much so’, good news for adventure fans then, as the studio’s credits include Lure Of The Temptress, the Broken Sword series and experimental adventure In Cold Blood. Speaking of Broken Sword, when we enquired as to whether we’d see another Broken Sword adventure, the answer was a resolute ‘yes, but I honestly don’t know what platform… the digital platforms work extremely well for us’.

Known for his passion for storytelling in games, he also remarks that David Jaffe’s comments on the lack of ability for game makers to create compelling narratives in games is ‘a silly comment’ that ‘to write the medium off at this early stage is quite extraordinary’. Likewise he notes that ‘film has got in a bit of a rut’ and that he is conscious that a Broken Sword movie has to be treated very carefully, that we must ‘understand the constraints’ and differences of the two forms to make a good video game movie.’




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