Demon’s Souls – The evolution of the console RPG – Part 1

27 08 2009

DSAsianby Matthew Moore

After defeating the second Demon, I feel its time I put into words just why Demon’s Souls is the evolution of the console RPG.

With my RPG roots going back to Ultma, Demons Winter and more recently Neverwinter Nights, I feel I know the hooks of a good role playing game.

As each new title is launched on a console I get very excited but each time ultimately let down, the most recent of these being Too Human, although the grind was there.  The gameplay wasn’t!

I believe Peter Molyneux has the right idea when it comes to the Fable series, you’ve got do something different when making a console adventure and as much as I did enjoy Fable 2, it just didn’t have the depth I crave from an RPG.

Demon’s Souls is yet to be on general release outside of the Eastern territories, however it’s commonly known now that the Hong Kong version is in English and anyone who has a love of RPG’s really should treat themselves to it.

Instead of going through what the game has to offer, I’m going to start detailing my experiences as I play through.  As I mentioned above I have recently defeated my second boss: The Tower Knight (the one you may have seen from gameplay video’s) and I’ve already racked up an impressive 14 hours.

My journey started just over a week ago as I created my hero “Throrn” and out of the 10 available classes I opted for Thief, a quick tutorial afterwards I felt ready to take on the first challenge.dragongod

The first and only arena available for me was the first section of the first zone (1-1 we’ll say), which started me at the foot of a long set of steps leading to a rather dark looking fortress.  With a number of basic goblin types I was soon moving deeper and deeper inside the labyrinth of corridors.  It was at this point the difficulty of the game hit me over the head like an angry granny on pension day. I had died well over a dozen times before I finally made it to the end of the initial zone, doing so I opened the gates to the first demon, entered and was victorious.

The feeling of accomplishment mixed with adrenaline put me on such a high that I continued past the demons corpse into 1-2.  Where I died almost instantly.

top02-cfdebThis is something which I find truly appealing about this game, you never know when you’re out of your depth until your up to your knees in your own blood.  This meant I had to grind through 1-1 again, but after increasing my skills and upgrading some weapons, I felt empowered.  This coupled with my knowledge of the enemy’s locations and weaknesses I was able to do a run, start to finish in about 30 minutes, each time collecting more items and currency.  Also I was finding myself exploring more, I found alternative paths around the keep and even some parts which I knew I should keep for later, particularly a nasty knight guarding a bridge who kills me in one hit.

As soon as I felt able to take on 1-2 that’s exactly what I did, it took a hell of a lot of time to reach the demon, first attempt he wiped the floor with me.  Second time I just about worked out the pattern.  Then the third time, oh the third time. It was an epic 20 minute encounter where parts towards the end I really didn’t think I had it in me to do what was required, but sure enough the Tower Knight fell.  I did have to raise a dry smile as I read the user message on the floor at this point “Real Demon’s Souls starts now”towerknightg

I’m unsure as to how many demons there are in this world, or how many mini bosses, but I can’t wait to play this game more.  Its under my skin so much that I’m now thinking about statagies and plotting my next steps in my day to day life.

I will update as to my progress soon enough, I intend on experimenting with the co-op side of this game next.




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30 08 2009

You’ve revied my love of this game, I got stuck at the tower knight and never felt I was quite sure what to do next. But listening to the podcast agian and reading this has put me right back into the move.

See you in the there

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