Podcast Episode 53 – Uno? Oh no!

9 08 2009


by Daren Baldock

We return from our well earned hiatus full of pith & vinegar (and a little Gin) to bring you a bumper episode crammed with gaming chat.

Gears of War 2 Dark Corners, Terminator Salvation, Red Faction, Splosion Man, Flow, Sam and Max, Monkey Island, IL 2 Sturmovik, Shatter, Fallout 3, Prototype, updated XBox Dashboard, Batman Arkham Asylum and Uno.

News discussion – Games For Windows 3.0 coming, Brutal Legend’s legal issues resolved, Simon the Sorcerer in iPhone, new Left 4 Dead campaign coming, Tony Hawk Ride UK release, Guitar Hero Avatars, song imports and multiplayer modes, porn coming to PS3, Paypal coming to Xbox Live, Fiddy Cent calling the shots with Modern Warfare 2 and more Lucasarts teasing.

The retail round-up – Wii Sports Resort enjoying the top spot and Madden NFL 10 coming this week.

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One response

13 08 2009

Great podcast, really enjoyed it. After listening I am off to pick up Splosion’ man and the new Gears of War DLC. I really wanted to hate you guys for having a way better and more popular site than mine, but I guess you blokes where just too charming. Cheers.

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