Bioshock 2 playable demo?

15 05 2009

bioshock2by Matthew Moore

Any Xbox 360 owners during August 2007 will surely remember the release of the Bioshock Demo which was announced by Ken Levine on Major Nelsons podcast.  It is widely acknowledged that this has been one of the most successful demo’s to date on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, with the perfect amount of tutorial and sneak peak to what the game will be like.  One thing the developers cleverly did was alter the opening 45 minutes of the game to allow the player to play with more plasmids than in the retail copy.

Yesterday saw the release of a 9 minute walkthrough of what appears to be the opening few parts of the game by creator Jordan Thomas which can be found here –

The most interesting part of this is that the playable version is titled “Demo” within the game itself.  Even with closing of the video showing the option “Exit Demo” mapped to the A button.  So what is to be done with this code now, after watching it a few times, it seems only natural that this could become part of or the entire playable demo.  Although nothing has been announced by 2K regarding a demo, with a Q4 2009 release date, I would expect to see something towards the end of this summer.




2 responses

6 06 2009

This doesn’t look like it will happen at the end of the summer but in the beginning of fall.

13 08 2009
Connard Dillon

Why the beginning of fall though. Isn’t the game still to be released Nov. 3rd? Or did I miss something.

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