Podcast Episode 44 – PSP Go is erm… GO!

31 05 2009


by Daren Baldock

Guitar Hero Metallica, Shadow of the Colossus, DS love, Gears of War, Demon’s Souls, Free Realms and Rock Band.

News discussion – PSP Go is all systems go, The Matrix Online closing, PS Home getting Buzz, The Joker exclusive to PS3, Microsoft recruiting for big server changes, another reason to get Wolfenstein 3D, Sky TV on the 360 and hairy UFC fighters left out of the game.

The retail round-up – The Sims 3 and Red Faction coming out this week. Wii Fit down to 4 in the charts!!!

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GTA4 Episodes from Liberty City

27 05 2009

gta_gay_tonyby Matthew Moore

After The Lost and Damned I think we all need a break from the grime.

How about living the high life in the glitzy night club scene of Liberty City.  With the baton passing going from Niko the lovable immigrant to the hardened biker Johnny, its now being handed off to Luis Lopez the part time hoodlum and employee of nightclub owned Tony “Gay Tony” Prince.

According to the official announcement, “players will struggle with the competing loyalties of family and friends, and with the uncertainty about who is real and who is fake in a world in which everyone has a price.”

This will be dropping in DLC format as per TLAD this winter with the same 1600 price point.  However this is not the only way to get hold of this expansion.

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Podcast Episode 43 – Rusty Ringstinger

25 05 2009


by Daren Baldock

UFC 2009, Godfather 2, inFamous, Xmen Wolverine, Red Faction Multiplayer, Shadow of the colossus completion, Free Realms, Rhythm Paradise and Demon’s Souls.

News discussion – Fuel making its way into the Guinness book of records, Monkey Island coming back to consoles, new video content coming to Xbox Live, Fallout 3 DLC due to PS3, MS trying to make Tony Hawk 360 exclusive, new Heavy Rain footage, MW2 teaser and a bionic Heather Mills.

The retail round-up – Big releases with Guitar Hero Metallica and inFamous.

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Podcast Episode 42 – Pinball Wizard

17 05 2009


by Daren Baldock

Desktop tower defence, Lord of the Rings Conquest, You’re in the Movies, Siren Blood Curse, Shadow of the Colossus and Zen Pinball.

News discussion – Tony Hawk: Ride peripheral, free MMORPG for the whole family, Guitar Hero 5 details and initial tracks, possible evidence of the new PS3 slim, ever increasing PC software piracy, video games changing the way we think and the 1 millionth word for the English Language.

The retail round-up – Bionic Commando, UFC and Punchout Wii due this week.

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Bioshock 2 playable demo?

15 05 2009

bioshock2by Matthew Moore

Any Xbox 360 owners during August 2007 will surely remember the release of the Bioshock Demo which was announced by Ken Levine on Major Nelsons podcast.  It is widely acknowledged that this has been one of the most successful demo’s to date on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, with the perfect amount of tutorial and sneak peak to what the game will be like.  One thing the developers cleverly did was alter the opening 45 minutes of the game to allow the player to play with more plasmids than in the retail copy.

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Podcast Episode 41 – Back, Sack and Crack

10 05 2009


by Daren Baldock

Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, completion of GTA Lost and the Damned, WOW, Halo 3, Fallout 3 Broken Steel, completion of Resistance 2, Folklore and Space Invaders Extreme.

News discussion – Apple looking at the gaming market, Broken Fallout 3 on the PC, Sony Home getting SceneSet, new gaming television program coming to the UK, Gears of War 2 Dark Corners DLC details, too many Guitar Heroes, goodbye 3D Realms, new expansion coming to Ultima Online, Bioshock 2 multiplayer details, Guitar Hero Greatest Hits updates, Ghostbusters timed PS3 exclusive, Beatles Rock Band guitars, Capcom games coming to PSN and Eurogamer in trouble for reviews.

The retail round-up – Charts, DLC, Quiz… everything you love!

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Eurogamer Review
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Beneath A Steel Sky iPhone rumour

10 05 2009

14w86f6 by Xeroxeroxero

The point and click adventure’s life was bright, but relatively short. Popularised in the early nineties by LucasArts, mortally wounded by frustrating trial and error gameplay and a lack of innovation and being kept barely alive by the good people at ScummVM and a dedicated community of enthusiasts. But for how much longer? The genre may be in for something of a comeback, with the recent remake of Broken Sword being received with critical acclaim and the resurgence of interest inspired by the new wave of touchscreen devices.

Most interestingly perhaps, according to a professional extremely close to the project that I spoke with this weekend, Beneath A Steel Sky the legendary future-noir point and click, is having a sequel developed, and is currently very much in production. It’s unknown whether the title will be a direct continuation of the story of the original BASS, but the source claimed that the lead platform will be iPhone, with other possible releases to follow depending on it’s success on Apple’s mobile platform. Also confirmed was that back in the drawing seat will be Dave Gibbons, the man responsible for the original art, and genre defining graphic novel, Watchmen. There is, unfortunately no word as to when it will see release. This comes just a few months after Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbon’s interview with IGN UK, in which they stated that they would like to work together on a new BASS title. It seems then, that after years of interest, fans will finally get to go back to the world of Robert Foster…