Podcast Episode 39 – Ginger Stink

27 04 2009

ginger1by Daren Baldock

50 Cent completion, Red Faction demo, fun times with Gears of War 2, more Poker, Halo Wars, Halo 3, Topple 2, Outrun Arcade broken, 5 mins of Resistance 2, Folklore demo and Penny Arcade.

News discussion – Change4Life letting us play games, Peggle comes to World of Warcraft, more Guitar Hero Smash Hits tracks, Fable 2 DLC achievements, Lego Rockband details, Loderunner price mess up, Sierra games in your browser, UK console install base, Wii Motion Plus bundles, Little Big Planet PSP, new Fallout announced, 3 part harmonies and Apple’s App Store hits 1 billion downloads.

Hot Topic – Are retail games too expensive?

The retail round-up – Wii Fit still at the top, Xmen Wolverine coming this week.

Links –


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2 responses

28 04 2009

Will download and make my drive to work that little bit more crazy

27 05 2009
Rotten ICE

Im a bit behind on my listening but great cast guys and also got into the geo-caching a couple months back and must say its a blast.

Loving the quizes keep up the great work 😉

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