The Beatles Rock Band footage shown

20 04 2009

the-beatlesby Matthew Moore

On Saturday night California played host to Sir Paul McCartney at the The Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

Not only is this being referred to as a “new Paul McCartney III with the heaviest rock show of his life”.  But it was also a world first as on the huge screens behind the band was shown the first footage from the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game.

It took a few hours before Sir Paul’s web site stated the following

“…it was a night of firsts and was the unexpected, unannounced world premiere of the images from the coming Beatle Rock Band game which played on vast screens throughout Got To Get You Into My Life.”

The footage can be found here (worth watching in High Quality)

As you can see, this is only the animation from the game, as with all Rock Band games, the staves and notes will be overlayed depending on the band members setup.

I have taken the liberty of grabbing some screen captures of the footage to try and show off the more interesting parts.


It would appear that as promised we’ll be seeing more of a story to this game over the standard Rock Band live gig to live gig feel.

From what we see here, it looks like we’re in the recording studio.


For those who’s already heard about the band version of the game, it will come with a Höfner bass guitar.  For those now down with their musical instruments.  Thats the very one!


Although hard to capture as a single image, but it looks like the whole psychedelic vibe which The Beatles were famous for are going to be throughout.



Well thats all I’m going to give you, if you’ve any interest in this game, then go and watch the footage for yourself.  All I know is that its made me even more excited.




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