Podcast Episode 39 – Ginger Stink

27 04 2009

ginger1by Daren Baldock

50 Cent completion, Red Faction demo, fun times with Gears of War 2, more Poker, Halo Wars, Halo 3, Topple 2, Outrun Arcade broken, 5 mins of Resistance 2, Folklore demo and Penny Arcade.

News discussion – Change4Life letting us play games, Peggle comes to World of Warcraft, more Guitar Hero Smash Hits tracks, Fable 2 DLC achievements, Lego Rockband details, Loderunner price mess up, Sierra games in your browser, UK console install base, Wii Motion Plus bundles, Little Big Planet PSP, new Fallout announced, 3 part harmonies and Apple’s App Store hits 1 billion downloads.

Hot Topic – Are retail games too expensive?

The retail round-up – Wii Fit still at the top, Xmen Wolverine coming this week.

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When 2 addictions collide – WOW & Peggle

24 04 2009

peggle7by Matthew Moore

I remember the first time I took a flight in World of Warcraft after only hours of playing it (for those not in the know – think of this as a taxi service from one region to another).  What WOW’d me the most was that all of this happened in real time, naturally it would have to do this being an MMO, but still it blew my mind.

However if you then skip forward a few months and levels, players soon find themselves questing the length and breadth of the kingdoms, spending up to 10 minutes at a time sat watching the same lands pass by under them.

This is why I used to have Peggle open as well as World of Warcraft.  It was not only the flights, but often there would be downtime, be it waiting for a group to arrive at a dungeon or killing time in the auction house.  So many opportunities to Alt+Tab to my other addiction – Peggle.

However Popcap have gone one further and introduced Peggle as an official World of Warcraft addon.

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Demigod Review (PC)

22 04 2009

demigod_pc_boxby Antman

Heya all, I’m back for my tricky 2nd (album) review.

For those unaware, a lot of scandal surrounds this new title from Gas Powered Games (of Supreme Commander fame).
During development, no DRM (Digital Rights Management) was placed into the majority of the game. Consequently, all those torrent-savvy have very little trouble in getting this installed and working. The only drawback of a torrented game is no online features.
In an article I read, of the 120,000 playing, only 18,000 are legitimately purchased copies, only 7%!

For one of the many articles, heres a link:

Another quick point to mention is that many people have said this game is very very similar to a Warcraft III mod called Defender of the Ancients. I haven’t played Defender, so I can’t comment there.

So, a game steeped in controversy. It must be pretty special to generate so much attention, hmm?
Please read on…

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The Beatles Rock Band footage shown

20 04 2009

the-beatlesby Matthew Moore

On Saturday night California played host to Sir Paul McCartney at the The Coachella Music & Arts Festival.

Not only is this being referred to as a “new Paul McCartney III with the heaviest rock show of his life”.  But it was also a world first as on the huge screens behind the band was shown the first footage from the upcoming Beatles Rock Band game.

It took a few hours before Sir Paul’s web site stated the following

“…it was a night of firsts and was the unexpected, unannounced world premiere of the images from the coming Beatle Rock Band game which played on vast screens throughout Got To Get You Into My Life.”

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Podcast Episode 37 – Pump it up

13 04 2009


by Daren Baldock

Hands on with Overlord 2 and Fuel at the M Festival, Guitar Hero 2, Heavenly Sword, Resident Evil 5 completion, Buzz junior jungle party, Singstar, Killzone 2 behind the bullet and Kingdom Hearts.
News discussion – DSi sales figures, Will Wright leaving EA, RE5 DLC details, Outrun Online exclusivity, Wii Sports 2 dated, more leaks of Lego Rock Band, Singstar DLC delayed, EA shipping knuckle dusters, Xbox Live achievement details and drugs found in GTA.
The retail round-up – Resident Evil down and Wii Fit back up along with up to date DLC for Rock Band and Singstar.

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Dystopia: Jack in, Kick ass.

8 04 2009

pin-upBy JeCa

Dystopia; a cyberpunk game for the Source engine, is a free full conversion/mod of Half-life 2 which can be downloaded for free for anyone who owns either HL2, CS:S, DoD:S, HL:S, HL:DM, the OB or L4D (or any other source game I forgot to mention). It is purely a multiplayer game with about as much story as TF2 (barely any) and has some similarities in that the reds fight the blues (here called punks and corps) over controll-point style maps, with one attacking and one defending team. What separates Dystopia however is it’s attempts to promote teamplay by allowing mroe character customisation and more complex map objectives, completed in two interlinked “worlds”: Meatspace and Cyberspace. This makes the gameplay feel more deep and less repetitive than for example TF2 or CoD4, but it also discourages new players and makes it harder to get into the game.

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Podcast Episode 36 – Side Boob

6 04 2009


by Daren Baldock

Resident Evil 5 love, Word Fu, red ring of death, God of War, Rock Band, Buzz TV Quiz and Texas Hold’em.

News discussion – Guitar Hero / Rock Band / Lips microphone compatibility, Fallout 3 DLC issues, Puzzle Quest Galactrix, Donkey Kong champion at E3, PS3 firmware update, Bethesda have a sense of humour, possible PSN sale, PS2 price drop, Maw DLC developer feedback and NXE Community games sales figures.

The retail round-up – Resident Evil still at No.1, Godfather 2 and Ultimate Band coming this week.

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