MidLife Gamer V’s Sanctuary4Gamers Round 2

14 03 2009


by Matthew Moore

The MidLife Gamer V’s Sanctuary4Gamers face off has been on going for a few weeks now.

With round 1 under our belt (Rock Band) it was time for me to face the thunder of Chris from Sanctuary on Forza 2.

The stars aligned yesterday and we were able to take to the track even though it was 2am for Chris due to the time difference.

Click to see how it went down.

Assistance – All off bar breaking line

Race 1
Car Class A – RE-Amemiya RX7 (A846)
Course – Laguna Seca
Laps – 3

Race 2
Car Class S – Corvette Lingenfelt (S911)
Course – King Cobra
Laps 2

Race 3
Custom class (U999)
Course – Nurburgring
Laps 1

Hats off to you Chris!

The better driver took the gold, now its all down to Left 4 Dead!!!




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