Street Fighter 4 action figure manufacturers need F7

6 03 2009


by Matthew Moore

In light of all of the serious posts recently, I thought it time to lighten to mood with something a good friend (and man on the inside) brought to my attention.

As you can see, this is Ryu.  Ryu is one of the more popular characters from the Street Fighter series and was in fact the only playable character from the very first Street Fighter game.

With the release of Street Fighter 4, we’re now able to get our grubby hands on more action figures… ACTION!!!

While working at a major high street store, our anonymous tipster received a call from head office requesting all of the Ryu figures be taken off the shelves due to a spelling mistake.

After doing their bidding, our good friend decided to see what the deal was and grabbed us a pic…..

To see the spelling mistake in its full glory, click the full news article and see if you can spot it.

Ryu spelling mistake

F7 people, its all about F7!!!!!




One response

9 03 2009

Haha, I love to see that chance still has a sense of humour (if you can call it that). Not too far from my house there’s a place where they sell cookies with misprints (on the box, who the hell care about the box?) for about a quarter of the original price, so I just hope they’ll keep on making mistakes. 🙂

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