Ever felt insignificant in an MMO?

31 03 2009


by Matthew Moore

Now that opening title is a bit of a strange statement.  After all the nature of being part of the worlds most popular Massively Multiplayer Online game World of Warcraft like I am means that nothing I do is significant.

My last play session just yesterday saw my level 63 holy priest acquire a new achievement “Completed 500 quests”.  With the adulation of my guild friends and a flurry of “Gratz” I had a beaming smile.
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Podcast Episode 35 – Throbbing Vein

30 03 2009

khaaan_2by Daren Baldock

Gears of War 2 title update, Scene It, Samba de Amigo, Silent Hill Homecoming, XI in Home, Uno Rush, Hasbro Family Gaming and Left 4 Dead against Sanctuary 4 Gamers
News discussion – GDC 2009 updates (OnLive, Sony’s methods for exclusivity, more spaces in Home, game announcements, trailers and leaks), Left 4 Dead sales figures, downloadable Call of Duty, Professor Layton and Bionic Commando dated and BBC Watchdog scrutinising the 360.
The retail round-up – Resident Evil still at No.1, Snooker coming this week along with ton of music DLC.

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Sanctuary4Gamers vs MidLife Gamer Final Round!

28 03 2009

churchsign1by Matthew Moore

It has been a long time coming, but we’ve finally completed the challange that Steve from Sanctuary4Gamers set up all those many weeks ago.

To recap, we started with Rock Band which MLG won.

Secondly it was Forza 2, in which Chris aced me and brought us to a tiebreak situation. So it was all down to a community effort with Left 4 Dead.

The MLG team consisted of myself, BiscuitWolverine, Lappy and Phizzy.  Pitted against S4G’s team of MonkeyChunkUK, LilLady915, Los KnuckKnucks and zl Simzo lz (With Snajper taking over from Los KnuckKnucks in the second game)
To find out how we got on, click to read more

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Gears of War 2 title update – Hands on

26 03 2009

gears-of-war-2by Matthew Moore

4 months post release and 3 title updates later, Gears of War 2 is hoping to retake its rightful place as one of the premium online experiences for hardcore shooter fans.
Since release, the title has received mostly negative press from the fans of the original Gears of War like myself, with incredible lag and an inconsistent ranking system bring top of the complaint list.
As each update came and went, fans like myself would jump back into Gears 2 in the hope that memories of the original game would come flooding back, each time to have our hopes dashed.
With the third and hopefully final update upon us, lets take a look at the major improvements –
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Podcast Episode 34 – Ding

23 03 2009


by Daren Baldock

Star Wars The Force Unleashed, Ninja Gaiden 2, The Bourne Conspiracy, Peggle, Guitar Hero Metallica, Gran Turismo Prologue, Singstar and Resident Evil 5.

News discussion – Lost and the Damned analyst figures, physical retail copies v’s downloaded content, Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 next year and no solid PS3 release, Resident Evil selling more than U2, Pirate costumes coming to NXE avatars, top UK selling Singstar downloads and House of the Dead in the record books.

The retail round-up – Street Fighter 4 down, Resident Evil 5 high up at number 1 with Pearl Jam album coming to Rock Band.

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Resistance Retribution Review (PSP)

21 03 2009


By Pres

After the problems the store had on the day of release meaning I could not add funds to my virtual wallet and never had enough funds to buy it. I did think it might not be a bad thing as, I already have a pile of shame to out do most Surprised but, I purchased it today. I don’t like UMD’s so, being able to download the full game was great and a hats off to Sony for leading the way in the download future, especially as the cheapest I saw the UMD for sale online was £22.99. That said, I doubt the virtual price will drop but, the UMD will no doubt lower in price over the coming months.

I did though end up getting it this afternoon and I am glad I did. ;D

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New iPhone OS allows developers to be more creative, let the games begin.

19 03 2009

iphone-3-new-1by Matthew Moore

As expected, the Apple iPhone is really looking to be a contender in 2009 onwards as a handheld gaming device, surely surpassing the Sony PSP and biting on the heels of the Nintendo DS as far as the install base goes.  With a number of capable games already released on the iPhone platform such as Steve Demeter’s “Trism” which was single handedly crafted in only 10 days from design to launch, its plain to see that anyone with a great idea and determination can make a great game for the iPhone.  Not to mention the majority of the iPhone functionality can be found on the iPod Touch, so there you have a few extra million customers with the correct hardware. Read the rest of this entry »