Left4Dead Title update details and pictures

25 02 2009


by Matthew Moore 

As the MidLife Gamer Collective all booted up Valve’s Left4Dead last night in preparation for our weekly Undead Tuesday, we all noticed a title update.  Alas no new multiplayer maps or modes just yet, but it would seem that Valve has been looking at how gamers have been playing game since launch and decided to patch the Xbox 360 version.  



Along with plenty of bug fixes and rebalancing the most notable change has been made to the Verses mode.


As you can see from this screen shot from last nights session the most noticable (and useful) is the respawn countdown timer for your infected team mates (in this case 4 and 6 seconds).  So next time your a Boomer with a full gut of bile and want to know how soon your fellow Hunters will be useful, a quick glance down will tell all.

With this and the announcement of the upcoming unlocking the other 2 campaign levels and the addition of the Survival mode for Verses, its great to see Valve are treating us console players with the same care as our PC counterparts.

Viva La Valve!

Full changes – 

-Fixed Survivors being able to climb surfaces marked for versus infected only. 
-Fixed a class of SurvivorBot bugs dealing with rescuing downed players. 
-Players can no longer grab ladders while flying through the air after a Tank punch. 
-Shooting near a car with an alarm that has already fired the alarm will no longer make chirping noises. 
-Fixed mini-gun physics exploit. 
-Fixed propane tanks (and other physics objects) causing players to fall through elevators. 
-Fixed rare achievement bug issues. 
-Fixed several map exploits. 

Versus Changes 
-Added HUD elements to show status of other infected players. 
-Fixed instance where a Survivor changing to the infected team would be attacked by infected bots. 
-Normalized special infected melee damage. 
-Fixed exploit where infected players could run away and teleport back to gain health. 
-Players can only change teams once per map. 
-Players can’t change teams while other players are still loading. 
-Tank spawns at the same % through the map for both teams in versus mode. 
-Made the Tank and Witch spawn directly on the escape route. 
-Increased chance of getting the Tank or Witch Fixed team swap issue. 

-Easier to pounce a Survivor who is meleeing Increased Minimum damage a Hunter pounce does. 

-Fixed Smoker tongue tolerance. 
-Smoker now has to be killed or the tongue destroyed for the tongue to break. 
-Survivors cannot bash someone off the tongue until the Survivor being pulled is paralyzed or hanging 
-Tongue attacks that fail to paralyze or hang a Survivor will use the shorter ability delay timer. 
-Fixed cases where the ability timer was not using the correct time. 
-Fixed case where you could point at a Survivor but not register a tongue hit. 
-Fixed Smoker tongue not targeting and landing properly through PZ ghosts. 
-Smoker tongue does damage every second while dragging paralyzed Survivors. 

-Bashable objects now appear with a red glow. 
-Tanks hitting a car with an alarm disables the alarm permanently. 
-Tank frustration timer is only reset by hitting Survivors with rocks or fists 
-Reduced autoshotgun damage against Tanks. 

-Witch spawns at the same % through the map for both teams. 
-Avoids spawning within a certain % of the tank. 
-Fixed an exploit where the Witch could be woken up and tricked into attacking Survivors.




2 responses

1 03 2009

I, being a PC gamer, was actually quite surprised to read this entry. And I can also prove this statement wrong:
“Its great to see Valve are treating us console players with the same care as our PC counterparts.”
The main reason is this: This update came to PC some two months ago and some of those minor issues were fixed in a patch even before Christmas. So while it’s good to see that consoles do get the same updates for free, it still feels like PC is the main platform for Valve (and myself I hope that it will continue that way).

2 03 2009
Matthew Moore

Hey JeCa, not only are you served first, you’ll get all of the mods, can’t wait to see what people come up with for that.
We’ve got some PC players on the forums if you want to post your Steam ID

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