Resident Evil 5 – In Control

19 02 2009

by Wayne Shayler

resi5There has been a fair amount written about the high expectations for Resident Evil 5, and of course, the way the game controls.  I remember looking forward to Resident Evil 4 so much, even though I hadn’t played any of the earlier games in the series.  I had tried the first Resident Evil, but couldn’t get passed the first hour of gameplay.  To thumbs that were raised on pure Nintendo goodness, the borked controls were just too much like hard work.  Then came Resident Evil 4.

In my opinion, Resident Evil 4 was the best game on the Gamecube.  With the shift of the camera perspective and the move/shoot movement contained to one or the other, as the controller only had one analogue stick,  it was one of the few games of the generation, where playing it through twice had its own rewards and benefits.

A truly great game.

How could Resident Evil 5 fail?


Like many others, I have recently downloaded the demo from Xbox Live for Resident Evil 5, and was disappointed to find that I couldn’t get to grips with the controls.  Clumsy, inadequate and frustrating are some words that immediately sprang to mind.  Not being able to move and shoot seems so antiquated among the glut of ‘free moving’ third person shooters that we have been playing recently, like Gears of War 2 and the excellent Uncharted.

Disheartened, I almost gave up, but in the true Shayler spirit, I needed one more try before I resigned myself to defeat.

I fired up the demo, and started to play the level ‘Shanty Town’, and while I was walking down the alley to the first door, something magical happened.  I had completely forgotten about my control issues.  I was just worried about what may be behind the door.  It had become autonomic –  I was Chris Redfield.  I was running, popping heads, doing smooth 180° spins before leaping through windows and sinking my knife into my assailants.  Leon Kennedy would be so proud.  Damn this is fun!

For a game that isn’t even out, it’s already been a rollercoaster of emotion.  From the heights of expectation, to the letdown of the initial controls, back to the summit of the wave as I realised the game’s potential in my head as well as my heart.

Now I cannot wait to play this game, and with the online co-op, there’s room for one more.  So if you’re having difficulties, I’d be more than happy to take you with me!

Who’s in?




2 responses

19 02 2009

I don’t know why ppl frustrated much by the controls ?!! only the 2nd day of playing it i was able to control it well and never die … actually the 2 levels looked ridiculous after then.

AND imagine if u were able to “shoot & run” … what could happen ? i think u will use the knife (machete) all the time and no need for weapos anymore
u will not get caught by any zombie toooooooo.

20 02 2009
Wayne Shayler

Yeah, after all the hours I pumped into Resi 4 on GC I thought I’d be able to pick up 5 and run with it. It was a very slow start, but then it just clicked. The fight with the chainsaw guy is just pure Resident Evil and awesome fun. It induces a very real sense of panic – he’s standing right next to me, but like all the great horror films, he’s giving me a second to get away!

Great fun – bring on March 13th!

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