15 years on, can lighting strike twice for Rebellion?

16 02 2009


by Matthew Moore

Back in 1994 when Atari had their last ditch console attempt with the Jaguar, Rebellion managed to leap frog the competition and show what the Jaguar was capable of when they released Alien V’s Predator. 

Other than Tempest 2000 (Jeff Minter FTW), this was the only game worth owning for the system that looked suspiciously like a porta potty.  Although this was just a First Person Shooter, it allowed you play the game from 3 different perspectives, the marine, Alien and Predator.  Also the level design was excellent, it moved away from the standard point to point progressive levels to having a complete human built space station to roam around.  This really leant itself really well to how the game played our for the 3 different races.  

See! Porta Potty!

See! Porta Potty!

The story itself was laid out as follows.  The 5 story station has 2 ships docked at either ends, one being an Alien craft, the other being a Predator craft.  While playing as the marine, the user is tasked with going through the station, collecting keycards to grant access to different parts of the station, ending with the player setting off a self destruct sequence and reaching an escape pod.  As the predator, it was all about honor, although you were able to cloak and utilise the many different view types you were rewarded for getting as close to your pray as possible. The Predator was able to shoot discs or use its shoulder cannon but more points were awarded for getting close and using your gauntlets.  With the grand prize involving fighting your way into the Alien ship and killing the Alien Queen.  Finally as the Alien, your job was to rescue the queen who was being held within the Predators ship, although the Alien is unable to regenerate health, they were able to cocoon marines, effectively creating on the fly checkpoints for the player.

Original box art

Original box art

Its recently been reviled that Sega now have 3 AVP titles in the works, the well known Colonial Marines which has again been delayed with no solid release schedule, an RPG being developed by Obsidian and most excitingly, Rebellion dusting off their pulse rifles in order to create a new pure Alien V’s Predator game.  For anyone who got the opportunity to play their Atari Jaguar game, must like me be very excited about this.

If you didn’t get a chance to play it.

Here are some YouTube clips of the different races


Marine –
Alien  – 
Predator – 



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