Heroes – Choose a side, enjoy the ride

4 02 2009

by Daren Baldock

There are many who have fallen out of love with this franchise & I can totally understand where they come from. The show has undergone significant change both on screen and behind the scenes. Many of these changes have served to damage the franchise with the heady days of season one where the darling of NBC was once as invincible as our favourite cheerleader becoming a distant memory. This latest volume will put the show under greater scrutiny than ever, a last chance saloon for our heroes if you will. The writers and producers have the remainder of the third season to “shit or get off the pot”, as we say over here!

After just catching the opening chapter of the “Fugitives” volume I’m certain it will generate some further animated discussions and divided opinions.

Avoiding spoilers, I’d say the change of tone was quite remarkable and in parts quite chilling, with some stark parallels drawn against recent global ‘Free World’ activities and policies.
Some great moments to take away. The superbly directed opening scene, a new ‘favourite’ Sylar fight scene, the brooding undertone of mistrust permeating almost every moment of screentime fizzing a slow burn right up to a mind blowing final act.
If the first show sets out the stall for the remainder of the season, we’re surely in for a darker ride compared to other chapters.

For now Tim Kring, you have my undivided attention…




One response

4 02 2009
Jack Greer


I agree with you–it definitely looks like we’re in for a darker ride. And I think that should be good.

But I think the producers/writers need to take it a step further.


Jack Greer

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