Helghast infiltrating the web – post battle report

26 02 2009


by Matthew Moore

With the new onslaught of Helghast in perhaps one of the most anticipated titles of the year Killzone 2, players have been having a ball.  However its not just the lucky Playstation 3 owners who can help rid the world of the invasion.  You too can be part of the solution and help rid the Helghast from the World Wide Web!

I got a heads up from the guys over at www.testfreaks.co.uk that Sony and Guerrilla Games have been busy giving us more options to take on the fiendish Helghast with a web game of Killzone.

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Left4Dead Title update details and pictures

25 02 2009


by Matthew Moore 

As the MidLife Gamer Collective all booted up Valve’s Left4Dead last night in preparation for our weekly Undead Tuesday, we all noticed a title update.  Alas no new multiplayer maps or modes just yet, but it would seem that Valve has been looking at how gamers have been playing game since launch and decided to patch the Xbox 360 version.  



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Podcast Episode 30 – Frank and Beans

23 02 2009


by Daren Baldock

Skate 2 in all of its online glory, Undead Tuesday (along with Hangover Wednesday), Death Tank, GTA4 The Lost and Damned, Flower almost changing lives, Lego Indiana Jones, Chrono Trigger, Flow, Little Big Planet and House of the Dead.

News discussion – Left4Dead sales up 3000%, wireless mics coming to Singstar, Nintendo DSi UK release date and price, Quake Live public Beta coming this week, details of Codemasters upcoming releases, Xbox Live users being attached by hackers, GTA4 LATD censoring and an upcoming Capcom announcement.

The retail round-up – F.E.A.R 2 top of the charts with Killzone 2, Silent Hill, Halo Wars, Dead Rising chop till you drop and Populous all coming out all this week.

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Resident Evil 5 – In Control

19 02 2009

by Wayne Shayler

resi5There has been a fair amount written about the high expectations for Resident Evil 5, and of course, the way the game controls.  I remember looking forward to Resident Evil 4 so much, even though I hadn’t played any of the earlier games in the series.  I had tried the first Resident Evil, but couldn’t get passed the first hour of gameplay.  To thumbs that were raised on pure Nintendo goodness, the borked controls were just too much like hard work.  Then came Resident Evil 4.

In my opinion, Resident Evil 4 was the best game on the Gamecube.  With the shift of the camera perspective and the move/shoot movement contained to one or the other, as the controller only had one analogue stick,  it was one of the few games of the generation, where playing it through twice had its own rewards and benefits.

A truly great game.

How could Resident Evil 5 fail?


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15 years on, can lighting strike twice for Rebellion?

16 02 2009


by Matthew Moore

Back in 1994 when Atari had their last ditch console attempt with the Jaguar, Rebellion managed to leap frog the competition and show what the Jaguar was capable of when they released Alien V’s Predator. 

Other than Tempest 2000 (Jeff Minter FTW), this was the only game worth owning for the system that looked suspiciously like a porta potty.  Although this was just a First Person Shooter, it allowed you play the game from 3 different perspectives, the marine, Alien and Predator.  Also the level design was excellent, it moved away from the standard point to point progressive levels to having a complete human built space station to roam around.  This really leant itself really well to how the game played our for the 3 different races.   Read the rest of this entry »

Podcast Episode 29 – Sweet transvestite

15 02 2009


by Daren Baldock

Further Oblivion action, Skate getting us juiced for Skate 2, HAWX demo impressions and Matt gets to try Mario Kart Wii.

News discussion – Writers Guild awards goes to? Capcom announced Dead Rising 2 coming to PS3, 360 and PC, Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics? Godfather 2 delayed until early April, FIFA09 online stats blowing us away, Left4Dead DLC coming for free, COD WAW getting a map pack including a dedicated new Zombie level.

The retail round-up – Street Fighter 4 and Dawn of War 2 all coming this week along with White Zombie DLC for Rock Band.

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Podcast Episode 28 – It’s On!

8 02 2009


by Daren Baldock

Unemployed WOW and Peggle addiction, Little Big Planet being super family friendly, games taking a cue from movies for cinematics, Halo Wars keeping its promises as a solid console RTS, comfort Uno, Superman Returns, FEAR, R-Type Dimensions, new love for Resident Evil 5 and Oblivion.

News discussion – Halo ODST shipping with all Halo 3 map packs, Fallout 3 DLC’s delayed, Criterion confirmed cops coming to Burnout Paradise, Valve confirming the Left4Dead Survival Pack, Rare hinting at NXE achievement / Avatar clothing, episodic Wallace and Gromit coming to Xbox Live and PC, Red Dead Revolver sequel coming from Rockstar, top 10 Oblivion DLC and the track listing for Singstar Queen.

The retail round-up – Typical charts, FEAR 2 and Eternal Sonata coming this week along with The Fratellis coming to Rock Band, are you smarter than a Daren and details of the MLG vs S4G championship.

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