Resident Evil 5 demo coming to XBL, exclusive for one week

14 01 2009

by Daren Baldock

res_evil_5It’s money hat time again boys and girls! The lovely people at Capcom have given a one week exclusive to Microsoft for the Resident Evil 5 demo, which is due to hit Xbox Live the week of Jan 26th ahead of the PSN release on the week of Feb 5th.

So what do we get in the demo? Find out this along with a twist to the tale after the break.

Okay so you’ll get to devour a two-level playable demo, with a choice of three types of co-op play: single-player with AI support, two-player split-screen on a single Xbox 360 or two-player across Xbox LIVE with voice chat. Without confirmation from Capcom it would appear that the demo is the same as the Japanese version.

So what’s the catch?

The demo is available to Xbox live gold account holders only during the week of exclusivity, leaving silver membersĀ  with trailers to dribble over for seven days while lamenting their decision to not contibute to the Xbox money hat fund that is kept brimming with gold subscriptions!

Resident Evil 5 is released on Friday 13th March 2009 & will be available on 360 & PS3.




2 responses

16 01 2009
Wayne Shayler

I’m going to fire up Resident Evil 4 the weekend before this demo hits, just to get used to the controls. Just like the rest of the series, Resi 4 was never the easiest game to pick up and play, but once it had its hooks in, it would never let go.

Bring it on.

29 04 2009
Top 5 Video Games Till Date

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