Competitive or Fun – How do you play Gears of War?

31 01 2009


by Matthew Moore

While playing Gears of War 2 last night in preparation of an old school Gears 1 match tonight, I starting to notice something strange happening, I actually started to do well. To my surprise I was getting a lot of kills and my team were constantly fighting for the number 1 position.  I realised that my team mate and I were working together really well, keeping constant updates of enemy positions and finding good defensive cover spots. With a Boomshot in my hands and my wingman by my side, we pushed ourselves forward!

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Podcast Episode 26 – Internally Grateful

26 01 2009

by Daren Baldock


Gears of War 2 post patch thoughts, Farcry 2 has come and gone with good impressions where Kingdom Under Fire has come and gone forever. More love for Skate 2, ‘dinging’ in World of Warcraft, more fun with Lips and Peggle, FEAR 2 demo impressions,  the end of Fallout 3 and looking forward to the DLC, Beautiful Katamari and Maw.

News discussion – New Indy game not coming to PS3 or 360, details on the Burnout Paradise DLC, Peggle coming to the iPhones, paying for Skate 2 unlocks, Age of Booty to support Avatars, Puzzle Quest sequel coming soon, a possible 12 further Pokemon titles from Nintendo, Age of Conan still in the works for the 360, GTA4 DLC details and new costumes coming to Little Big Planet.

The retail round-up – Lord of the Rings Conquest hitting respectable sales numbers and Grateful Dead pack 2 for Rock Band.


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Podcast Episode 25 – Hotdog Surprise

19 01 2009

by Daren Baldock

surprised-womanThe end of Prince of Persia, terrible games coming through the post, Left4Dead steps it up a notch and impresses even more, Fable 2 DLC, hidden object games on XBLA and why Fallout works for one and not for the other *SPOILERS*.

News discussion – Rockstar making use of their engine to continue the GTA story, several older MMO’s coming to Steam, Sony not allowing Ericson to use the PS brand, Mad World coming to the UK totally uncut, Zork MMO coming to browser gaming along with Quake, FFXIII hitting westerners in 2010, Hasbro and their Xbox360 channel, PS3 still in its early adoption phase and the Sack Boy knitting pattern now as a PDF. Oh and we forgot that we played Lips!

The retail round-up – Charts far too much like last weeks, Skate 2 and My Fitness Coach this week along with plenty of DLC for your music game of choice.

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Lost makes me THRUST!!

19 01 2009

lost-logoby Matthew Moore

For anyone who still thinks that 24 is anything other than it was in the first series, or for you folks who like to think your a made man for watching The Sopranos.


Get your ass a copy of Lost and prepare to thrust those hips at the awesomeness of what it has to offer.

In preparation for Season 5, last night I sat and watching the second part of Season 4.  All day I’ve been walking around work, thrusting my groin into people just because its so good.

If you are like me and know this is the shizzna – here are some sneak peeks of S5 and some tasty interviews

Resident Evil 5 demo coming to XBL, exclusive for one week

14 01 2009

by Daren Baldock

res_evil_5It’s money hat time again boys and girls! The lovely people at Capcom have given a one week exclusive to Microsoft for the Resident Evil 5 demo, which is due to hit Xbox Live the week of Jan 26th ahead of the PSN release on the week of Feb 5th.

So what do we get in the demo? Find out this along with a twist to the tale after the break.

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Goodbye 1UP Show – You Will Be Missed

7 01 2009

by Wayne Shayler

upAfter the announcement of Ziff Davis selling the 1UP network to competitors Hearst, I find myself languishing in a state of shock over the news that one of my favourite video podcasts will be no more, or at least not as I have known it over the years.

They have put an end to the print magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, which began its life in 1989, and let approximately 30 of their staff go.  With the decrease in sales over time, and the rising popularity of the internet, magazines have found it hard to maintain readerships, but at least the website will continue.

I have loved an awful lot of the work that the guys at 1UP have generated over the past three or four years, all of the wonderful podcasts and especially the video podcast going by the name of ‘The 1UP Show’.

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